How to choose your GemBra™

What do you need more of in your life? Is it love, success, or peace? Or all of the above? The GemBra™ collection is designed to uplift its wearer, both by being a comfortable and supportive full-coverage bra, but also, with an embedded authentic crystal gemstone that has true healing powers and meaning.  Crystals have been around for centuries, and since women often lack pockets (yes, we do love our leggings!), we often carry ours in our bras! It’s also a popular spot because it’s near the heart chakra, which is said to give it even more magical powers. Holding crystals or placing them close to your body is thought to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Crystals are said to do this by interacting with your body’s own energy fields, or chakras.  Below is a guide to the three crystal styles currently available in The GemBra™ collection, and what they mean.
The Attract Love™ Bra (White/Rose Quartz). 


I made this bra white because, well, a white bra is a stunning staple and of course it makes me think of weddings which makes me think of all things love! The rose quartz, with its beautiful pinkish hue, is the perfect addition to this bra because it represents gentleness, compassion, and love. This doesn’t have to mean attracting the love of a partner either, this could just be for the person who needs a little more self-love and nourishment in their life. And who doesn’t these days?  Fun Fact: If you were born in January, your birthstone is the Rose Quartz!
The Attract Success™ Bra (Black/Amethyst) 


A sexy black bra is an essential in every bra wardrobe. Ours is even better because it’s made with completely smooth no-show lace! But the key with our Attract Success Bra is the beautiful purple amethyst stone in its center. Amethyst is one of the most famous and prominent crystals there is – and by wearing one, it’s your daily reminder that you too are powerful and prominent. This stone helps act as a barrier against stress, and gives its wearer the courage and confidence to face the day. You’ll remember it each and every time you put it on!  Fun Fact: If you were born in February, then this bra’s for you, as amethyst is the birthstone for that month! 
The Attract Peace™ Bra (Tan/Sodalite)


A tan bra is something we all need, to go underneath everything, and it’s suitable for an array of skin tones. But we added a beautiful all-natural authentic sodalite stone into ours, because of what it conveys. Just looking at the beautiful blue hue of the stone, makes me think of water, like being near the ocean and that calmness it makes you feel. The Sodalite conveys wisdom, clarity of thought, better communication, and creativity – that’s what helps make our Attract Peace bra so special. If you need to calm your mind or get a little more emotional balance on the daily, then this is the bra for you.

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